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eXhilarating wireless freedom with BES®4 Dream Edition Software

BES®4 Dream Edition is a full-featured lettering, monogramming and customization PC software program PLUS a free wireless upgrade kit and access to a free cloud-based application for storage and basic on-the-go editing capabilities.

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Connect Wirelessly

  • Create beautiful lettering and monogramming on your PC or tablet
  • Transfer designs wirelessly from your PC or tablet to THE Dream Machine 2
  • Transfer designs from your PC or tablet to BES® Cloud to access while on-the-go

Edit and Store Designs On-The-Go

  • Access to BES® Cloud, a free cloud-based software
  • No subscription required
  • Edit on-the-go from your PC or tablet
  • Save designs using the free storage
  • Send designs wirelessly to your machine

BES®4 Dream Edition Lettering, Monogramming and Lettering Software

840+ Embroidery Designs, Including 101 New Designs

  • Wide variety of new, professionally digitized designs to customize, from elegant to sporty
  • Add decorative frames to monograms or other designs
  • Use the monogram décors as small accent designs to enhance your embroidery projects

199 Pre-Digitized Fonts, Including 9 New Fonts

  • Create unique and personalized embroidery with lettering, including our split letter designs

Enhanced Design Customizing and Editing

  • Create Word Collage lettering artwork by selecting a predefined shape and typing in words, and BES®4 will randomly generate lettering in the artwork
  • Merge multiple designs onto a design page and add text for a finished embroidery design
  • New horizontal and vertical distribute tools evenly space designs on the design page

ScanNCut Compatible

  • Import and export ScanNCut FCM files to create appliqués

BES®4 Software Includes:

  • Full BES®4 for PC Software
  • Wireless Card
  • USB Adapter
  • FREE Access to BES® Cloud with Storage